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Acting the Part - chapter 9


It's been a while since we last posted to this story, but it was never far from our minds.

We're happy to present you with the next 3 chapters of Acting the Part.

Ellie and Hanny.

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A Part of Me

This is something I thought about for some time now. I know it's been done before, by many writers, but I don't think I ever did it - writing a story inspired by a song.
So I've been "collecting" songs that inspire me to write TYR fanfiction - some are in English, some are in Hebrew.

This is the first story.

I added the link to the song on YT, and the translation of the song (as this one is in Hebrew). please note that this is a free translation by me, and I hope that nothing got lost in the translation.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Acting the Part - chapter 7

Hi all.

We're happy to post the next chapter of Acting the Part.

Hope you will like it :)

Ellie and Hanny

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